James Denmark

The renowned James Denmark has a natural affinity for the difficult and largely improvisational medium of collage and quickly developed his own unique and easily identifiable style. With brightly hand colored papers, fabric and objects, Denmark creates compositions that go beyond the superficial and transitory and focuses, instead, on what is eternal and universal. Denmark’s collages, watercolors, woodcuts and reproductions are consistently and eagerly sought by galleries and collectors worldwide. His level of acclaim is reflected in the number of prestigious collections in which his works are represented, most notable that of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Denmark’s works are also part of private and corporate collections in Mexico, South Africa, Europe and Japan, Mr. Denmark also has an extensive auction record.

Brooklyn Lady

20 x 23 Collage, 2015

Crowned Mask

18 x 24 Collage, 2018 

Love Affair

6 x 8.5 Collage, 2018

Making A Wish

6 x 18 Collage, 2018

Mama’s Advice

9 x 14 Artist Proof, 2015

Old School Jazz master

10 x 15 Giclee, 2012

Plants & Flowers

6 x 8.5 Collage

Sunday Morning

18 x 24 Collage, 2018