Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller began drawing as a child. During those childhood years she also loved needlework. Subsequently, she combined the two and created hand embroidered art as an alternative to painting. She later attended High School of Music and Art, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, and the Fashion Institute of Technology, fine tuning her craft along the way. It’s important to note that Ruth works with hand held needles to create each stitch of her tapestries. Her goal is “to enchant the observer into desiring to live with my art.”

As seen in Teacup Fishing, Miller prefers life-sized figures as they cohabit the room. She also feels that “Beauty is important and powerful: it has the power to uplift, stabilize, and repair. For that reason I try to make each tapestry beautiful. Teacup Fishing certainly exemplifies breathtaking beauty.

Ruth Miller





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