Koby Martin

A proud export of Ghana, His talent and God-given gift was nurtured in his motherland and polished in the United Kingdom. These worlds merge together in his art where traits his African descent and life in Europe thus far, can be seen as a consistent influence in the narratives of his pieces. Koby’s work is an introspective autobiographical exploration of his life as he believes knowing of self is pivotal in the exploration of any subject matter, as it trickles down in the perspective of the psychological and physical things we experience daily. His work portrays the inclusive human experience of dealing with emotions, memories, thoughts and feelings that we all undeniably feel. As his work evolves, it also tends to tackle various subject matters outside of his default conversations; including topics such as identity, social and racial injustice; thereby reflecting the epochs of the past and documenting the events of the current times. Through emotive figures, subjects and abstract forms, he captures beautifully the duality of courage and sadness within the figures body language; whilst using space and setting (e.g. the walls) to communicate events that have taken place. Some with or without the use of subjects and others with relatable elements, objects and symbols; such as ‘Adinkra symbols’ which are from Ghana.

Koby Martin





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